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Locomotive and Carriage Spare Parts
Made to Order
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A range of pressings made during 2008 - (Click on image for details)

The South Devon Railway Plc is proud to be able to offer a growing collection of in house manufactured items from our Engineering Workshops to keep your Ex GWR Locomotives / Coaching Stock running.  If you have a specific need then please contact our Workshop Manager Rob LeChevalier on 01364 643461

GWR 0-6-0 Pannier Tanks
GWR 4575 Side Tanks
GWR Boiler Ferrules
GWR Boiler Cladding - top feed pipe covers
GWR Fire Hole Flap
GWR Oil Tray (or "Tea Tray")
GWR Firebox Cladding Shoulders
GWR Brick Arch Bricks (All bricks available from January 2004)
GWR / LMS Coach Roof Ventilators
GWR / LMS Coach Corridor Connections (Line introduced August 2002)
Other services
Copper sheet to BS2875 C107
Railway sand to BR600 for locomotives and GM/RT 2461 for multiple units.
Routemaster 'Bus Panhard Rod Crossmember
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